Hamam Series vol.1

Etkinlik Tarihi Mayıs 12, 2018
Etkinlik Ücreti Ücretli
Etkinlik Detayları / Satın Alma https://www.facebook.com/events/1999928773668855/
Ekleyen Event NYC
This is first edition of the Hamam party series at the only only Nublu featuring afyonbando (Emre Garan) with guest DJ Cissa, hailing from Brazil.

Join us for night of rare grooves, afro funk , psychedelic disco thrillers and many other delights.


Currently residing in New York but hailing from Rio de Janeiro via London, Cissa's selections draw from a variety of influences. She delves into boogie, disco and other rare grooves while exploring Brazil's vast musical landscape.